Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Power and Limitations of Atractivness

Ever wondered what it would be like if you had the ability of glamour?  I have always had the idea of what it would be like to manipulate someone to do my bidding.  I tell you fellas I have a really fucked up since of humor and an evil mind.

I would so get even with people that have crossed my path and purposely rubbed me the wrong way.  I would really do some evil.  Most of us would want this ability.  But there is always that thing called greed and carelessness that would eventually be our downfall.  However, this ability is only left for the vampires on True Blood to use.  Not us lowly humans.

But for the sake of argument.  Lets say you had this ability.  Would you be responsible or just greedy?  But think about this.  What if there are people that can glamour someone without this ability.  Its just that they have a natural talent to manipulate people to do what they want them to do.  This is really true.  People have used people for thousands upon thousands of years.
Cleopatra did it herself.  She thought by sleeping with Julius Ceaser and having his baby that she would some how claim Rome.  But that didn't work cause the senate wasn't having it.  So she started doing Mark Antonie and look what happen  Julius Ceaser's adopted son Octavian had to put his foot down on her and therefore, for fear of being lead through the streets of Rome in chains she and Antonie off themselves.

In our lifestyle manipulation is an element of the Adonis factor.  Yes I said and I know someone can back me  up on it.  The Adonis factor is in most of us.  A little more than others but its there.  There are a few of us have been blessed with the gift of gab, good looks, and brains.  But those that have these gifts rely solely on it don't really have a fullfilling life.  Why?  Because relying on these gifts solely without work and effort sets one up to fail in the long run.  Check it.

Lets take a guy with these gifts in his early 20's.  Let us imagine he has come to understand that he is fully aware the power that he possesses and he takes this and runs with it without thinking.  Throughout his 20's he gets everything that he wants from his admirers, he is in elite circles of friends, and he is renowned.  He is getting older once he hits his 30's.  He hasnt really kept up with his looks and the same people that worshiped him dont see him as the glowing beautiful creature he was when he was in his 20's.  Now he has to figure out life for himself.  How to take care of himself and how to get basic necessities that he never thought about before.  Shelter, Income, Food, transportation, and etcetera.  

Throughout his 20's he has been living like he was royalty without regard for self preservation.  He was more focused on self indulgence thant taking care of himself.  I have seen these beautiful creatures since I have come to understand this lifestyle.  Some of them have faded into graves.  Some have managed to come to some kind of reality of surviving in the world.  I know a few who are paying back people that they have glamoured with their freedom because they want to play stunts.  Something we in the community call Stunt Queens.  So fellas if you know someone that is going through life like this and they are not paying attention to their life.  Talk to them please.  So many of our young gay youth understand that they can have it like that but dont understand that getting everything that they want cause they are attractive only goes so far.

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