Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Blackout

I thought about so many things that I wanted to do with my baby all day at work.  I'm very inexperienced at being a lover.  The best I can give is the emotional and sexual response of being in love since I only have been a few times in my life.  But in those cases I never been able to be with a guy long enough to express myself.  I feel like Chante Moore "This time im gonna give you all the love you need. This time this time this time."

I wanted to be romantic as I possibly could with the little I had.  I thought about doing something with candle light and some music.  But I'd like to go the extra mile and use some fruit, Cool whhip like (Stewie Griffin pronounces it), or Chocolate Syrup.  My best idea was to get him his favorite cookies and some baby oil.  Give him something for his sweet tooth while I rub his body down.  Sometimes I just want to squeeze so tight like a fluffy stuffed animal or just let him sleep on my chest while I rub my hand up and down his back.

As I rode home from work I thought about how I wanted the evening to go but for some reason whenever I want to do something it doesn't go the way I plan it. I thought well maybe tonight I can pull it off.  I got home and did my normal routine.  Hot shower, poured myself a cocktail, and watched the six o'clock news.  I waited patiently for my baby to finish cooking so I could talk to him and catch up with him about his day. It feels good to come home and see him when I'm so pissed off at the world. There are too many people that don't give a shit in the world it's nice to come home to someone who does.

Just in the middle of the evening something happend that messed up my plans.  There was a fucking blackout.  I knew then that what I hd planned was not going down.  So the candles that I had put up for my special evening were used as a light source.  DAMENT!  But as the evening went on and our friend decided to call it a night.  My baby knows how to get me in the mood.  Said that he wanted me to service him.  How could I resist.  It was cold and breezy outside. We took turns blowing and slobbing on each other like lustfilled freaks.  My baby said he wanted me to hit him from the back.  The way I was feeling tonight I just couldn't disappoint my boo.  It might have been cold outside but his ass was  so hot and wet for me that when I slid up inside of him. I realized I didnt need my shirt or my pants to stay warm.

My baby ass felt so good.  I could feel his ass grippin on my dick everytime I went deelper. he says "Its too cold baby lets take it in the  bedroom."  My baby has no idea how amazing he looks when he gets on his knees and points that pretty fat ass back at me.  Slappin on them cheeks and spreading them apart just drive me a lil wild inside.  I decided to turn him over and look at his handsome face make those faces he makes when I push up inside of him.  Punishing him with my inches.  I felt myself getting a little tired.  Although I didn't want to let it show.  The sweat began collect on my face and I eventually had to stop.  My back was still strong but thanks to the Newport cigarettes, my beastly stamina isn't what it use to be back when I was a young sexual beast.  So I fell next to him.  Kissing his face and his lips gently. I put my arm around him so we could get each other off.  I went first, his mouth on one of my nipples and his hand on the other.  Pushin me closer to cum for him.  I squirted all over myself and shivered as he still keep teasing at my chest. I said "your turn."

He had a request that I had no problem fullfilling.  He wanted me to put two fingers inside of him as he began to stroke for his load.  He moaned groaned so sexy.  As I stroked his hole with my fingers he start to beg me to keep going and he wanted it harder.  And I had to oblige my baby cause I love to please  him.  "I coming baby oh baby Im coming". And to my surprise he shot his thick heavy load all over himself.  I started to lick it up and suck on his fat dick some more but we had enough fun for tonight. I know I was going to be sleepy as fuck the next day but I didnt care.  I made love to my baby and thats all that matters.

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