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Static Shock: Adapting Comics To Animation

Static Shock Is among my favorite characters in  DC Nation. To be truthful yes it is because he's black. The of a lack of black characters in much of the media is why I've been reading  comics since my early teens. It stimulated my already active imagination and inspired many creative daydreams and fantasies. When I came across Static Shock in Books-A-Million I was a little hesitant about reading it, but after giving a chance  later I realized my hesitation was unwarranted.  It should have been an easy decision. I was hooked instantly.

The art is amazing. The storyline is engaging.  Having a black character at the center of story was a new experience for me, and when I realized there was a Static Shock animated series I had to watch this beautiful idea come to life. The writers brought a new form to the super hero genre, the black super hero. From the first episode to the last, I watched in amazement. So to all the guys out there who've never heard of Static Shock and complain about the lack of black characters in the media he's a character you might have overlooked.  If you're looking for a truly amazing black super hero, Static Shock is a must read.

Static Shock Bio:        
Doused with an experimental chemical in a gang war he was caught up in, high school student Virgil Ovid Hawkins gains a variety of electromagnetic powers and becomes a costumed crusader against crime. Like most teenaged heroes in the Spider-Man mold, he is often overwhelmed by the combined responsibilities of his career as a superhero and typical adolescent problems.

Virgil first gained his electromagnetic powers at a huge showdown between the gangs of the city, when he hoped to get revenge on a gang member who had been bullying him. The authorities arrive and release tear gas with what they believe to be a harmless radioactive marker so that any gang members would not escape arrest. The cops do not know the marker had been further spiked with an experimental mutagen called Quantum Juice (Q-Juice). This event ultimately came to be known as the so-called "Big Bang." Those who were exposed came to be referred to as "Bang Babies" because the Big Bang was their metahuman birth.

When the agency behind the experiment tried to capture him, he fights back, discovering that he has gained the ability to generate, manipulate, and control electromagnetism. Virgil names himself "Static" and, armed with his wits and powers, became a superhero. For the most part, Virgil keeps his secret from his family, but his friend, Frieda Goren, learns his identity when he attempts to protect her from becoming a prize in a small skirmish between gangs.

Virgil has had a romantic interest in his friend Frieda Goren but she was already involved with Larry Wade. He has feelings for a girl named Daisy Watkins, but his 'responsibilities' as Static interfere with their dates too many times and Daisy calls their relationship off. In Static Shock: Rebirth of the Cool, Virgil is involved with a girl named Madison, but Frieda ends up fighting with her over him.
Static has had confrontations with numerous Bang-Babies and other super powered adversaries: Francis Stone/Hotstreak, Tarmack, Leonard Smalls/Holocaust/Pyre, Commando X, Puff, Coil, Snakefingers, Fred Benson/Rift, The Swarm, Dr. Kilgore, The Rubberband Man, Brat-atat-tat, Prometheus, Run, Jump & Burn, Boom Box, Powerfist, Laserjet etc. Other Bang-Babies that Static has encountered include Virus, Damon Briggs/D-Struct, and Hyacinth.

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TV Series Bio: In Dakota City, Virgil Hawkins is an ordinary kid who gets into big trouble, which gets him pressured into joining a street gang. That night, Virgil's gang has a major rumble at a chemical storage yard that the police interrupt by tear gassing the lot. That gassing accidentally detonates a series of chemical explosions that creates the infamous "Bang Baby Incident" that affects all the gangs and more. For instance, Virgil gains the powerful ability to project and control electricity at will. With the help of his inventive friend, Richie (who would much later get his own powers to become Gear), Virgil decides to become the superhero, Static. As it happens, this new career is well timed considering many of the surviving rumblers also become superpowered themselves and become dangerous supervillians. Against this new and growing threat, Static is determined to fight for justice, even while his personal life gets a major shock to its system. Written by Kenneth Chisholm (

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