Friday, February 1, 2013

Romantic Spontaeneous Combustion

I have to hand it to my lover, he knows how to catch a guy off his guard.  I get a rush of energy when he kisses me while I'm watching TV, when he slaps me on my ass when im not expecting it. That really gets me turned on. I can do it better than he does. I love walking into the kitchen when he isnt suspecting anything and give his ass a heartattack. He makes me feel so wanted and loved when he does the simplest things. Things that you wouldn't really pay attention to.

A good friend of mine told me that Spontenaity is a very good thing to have in a relationship. Doing things out of the blue and unexpected for your lover keeps things interesting and keeps it going. If your not being spontaeneous then you should get on your shit. Spontaeneous romantic activities are always good. Wait until your lover takes a shower and while he is in there getting that body ready go light some candles, set up a playlist of romantic love songs. Hell even have some ice cream waiting on me. When you get out the shower and walk in the bedroom you can be suprised at your lover set up.

Keeping spontaneous helps take the bordem out of the regular routine. Making plans to do something while sometimes necessary is not spontaneous. Thats something that is already known. Take your lover to do some simple shopping and unknown to him have a picnic basket already filled up with lots of goodies. Go to your favorite spot in the park and picnic. Thats also called quality time.

Don't be afriad if your lover does something spontaeneous he is only doing his best to keep the spice alive in the relationship and keep you happy.  If you don't know how to be spontaeneous refer to your favorite search engine. He's a videoI found on Youtube.

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