Thursday, February 21, 2013

Introducing Gregory Drayton: New Contributor to M3

Who is Gregory Drayton? A question I often ask myself. A music lover. Follower of the pope and all things pop culture. Movies are my escape and life is my jagged pill. As southern as sweet tea and warm as the South Carolina sun. Speaking of South Carolina its my birth place. The youngest (and smartest) of five and armed with a keen since of self, a gift from my mother the late great Alice Drayton. Being born with cerebal palsy I look at life as no one else does. Soon to be 40 and just as unclear and unsure about life as I was at 20, but now armed with all the bad choices and busted road blocks. Lets love laugh, and cry together with a wonderful but small inner circle that supports me through all my honey badger BS (yes my friends call me a honey badger) Unafraid, unforgiving, and one who fights his way through life.

The Questions for Greg are borrowed from Snoop by Sam Gosling

1. What your full name? Do you have a nickname no one calls you anymore?

Full name: Gregory Terrell Drayton. No nicknames

2. If given the choice of any person alive or dead with whom would you want over to dinner as a guest? Why?

Two people I wanna have dinner with Michael Jackson and Rachel Maddow . MIkes story is truly tragic I have questions about what was it like to be a six-year-old bread winner and loved by so many but you couldn't seem to love yourself. As for Rachel Maddow, she's so smart I just wanna pick her brain.

3. Before making an important telephone call do you rehearse what it is you're going to say? What do you think about people who do?

I don't rehearse a phone call at all and I find it weird that anyone would.

4. Explain in as much detail as possible what would constitute a perfect day for you.

My perfect day would start off waking up to the one I love. Having a great breakfast of French toast and eggs, we'd shower and listen to Jill Scott. Then we'd get in the car and head to a movie. After a good movie we'd have a great lunch that woud include steak and whatever else. I'd love to walk hand in hand around the title basin well into the evening talking, laughing, and sharing.

5. When was the last time you sang to yourself or to someone else? Would you ever sing in public in honor of someone you love?

As for singing in public, hell to the no! Now the last song I sang to myself happened to be today. It was Mississippi Goddam by Nina Simone. I love her. Now for love I'd do almost anything, so I would sing whatever their favorite song was, but I would love to sing Ne me quitte pas, another Nina jam. In general music moves me to my core.

6. If you could live to 100 and retain either your mind or your body at 30 for the rest of your life which would you choose?

If I could maintain anything till 100 it would be my mind. As long as I can think the world and everyone in it would be accesible to me.

7. Do you have a secret hunch about how you will die? Would you want to know exactly how when and where you will die?

I never thought about how I would die I just hope it doesn't hurt. Having seen it a few times I just hope it's a peaceful journey. I can't wait to see my mother and family. I miss and love you all.

8. If you could change anything about the way you were raised what would it be?

I wouldn't change one thing. I had the best childhood even having CP my mother and family were so great to me.

9. If you could wake up tomorrow having gained any one ability or quality what would it be and why?

I wanna have the ability to read minds. I think the greatest of my insecurities is wondering what people think and feel about me. So I guess this would more ease a fear then gain a power. Still, overall it would be totally amazing.

10. Is there something you have dreamed of doing for a long time? Why haven't you done it?

I've always wanted to be an actor, but I had to face facts there isn't much work out there for cats with CP so I had to put that to the side.

11. What is your most treasured memory? How would your personality or life change if you discovered that the memory was false?

My most treasured memory is taking my first steps and my mom being there at the end of the poles to embrace me. I didn't walk till I was three, so I remember every step like it was yesterday. If I were to find out that the memory was false I wouldn't be the same at all. I would not be the loving caring person I am now. My mother being at the end of throes poles taught me that there is unconditional love in this world. She gave me hope and faith.

12. If you knew that in one year's time you'd die suddenly is there anything in your life you'd change right now?

One thing, I would have a huge wedding.

13. What was the most embarrassing moment in your life? Do you still feel any embarrassment when you think about it?

Last year, it was June I think, I was getting ready for some travel so I needed to go to the mall. While I was there I came down with a case of the bubble guts and I used the bathroom on myself. And yes it still shames me.

14. When was the last time you cried in front of another person? By yourself?

Last Saturday. It was the fifth year my amoms been gone. I cried alone a and with a friend and I still felt no better.

15. What, if anything, is too serious to joke about? Why? Do people ever think of you as insensitive?

You can get a good laugh out of anything. There is a question of taste, but most people have a good filter. God knows I try not to be insensitive.

16. What is the biggest misconception people have about you? Is there anything you can do to change it?

People that don't know me tend to see me as a thug or I'm hood. I want people to know I'm an educated brother with many sides to my personality.

17. When was the last time you were afraid that you were about to die? Did you feel grateful or lucky to be alive afterward?

I had two surgeries last year. After the second one I felt as if I couldn't breathe. I really thought if I were to go to sleep I wasn't gonna wake. After I was more grateful to be alive than I am already.

18. If you were to die tomorrow is there anything you wish you would have done? Not done?

I don't feel like I've done everything I've wanted, but I've done a lot and I'm grateful for that. There is lots more traveling I want to do and I want another shot at a family and fatherhood.

19. If you were forced to flee a burning house and you could easily save any item without endangering your life or others, what would you save?

 My mother's Bible and my Apple TV (I know it's more than one)

20. What do you feel most ashamed about doing in your life? Most proud of?

In my past I was not very nice to people. I'm most proud of is the person that God is allowing me to become.

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