Sunday, February 3, 2013

Hillary Clinton: The Baddest Bitch

“The bitch is back,” exclaimed Whoopie Goldberg on the Thursday, January, 24, 2013 broadcast of the View. 

Who’s the baddest bitch of them all? Her name is Hillary Rodham Clinton. Former First Lady, former two-term U.S. Senator from New York and former presidential candidate, and now former Secretary of State. It wouldn’t be America if the Republicans weren't Republicans. Republicans wouldn't be Republicans if they hadn't tried to score political shots at the most accomplished woman in American political history. Hillary Rodham Clinton wouldn't be the most accomplished woman in American politics if she didn't know how to fight back. 
After Susan Rice came under fire for repeating the White House talking points on various Sunday talk shows and ultimately withdrawing  her name from consideration to become President Obama’s  second Secretary of State, the Republicans trained their sites on tainting the retiring Secretary of State. Congressional Republicans were salivating at the chance to damage the woman who is considered a front-runner for the 2016 Democratic Presidential nomination.

That opportunity was delayed several weeks due to a couple of health issues Ms. Clinton suffered (stomach flu, a concussion, and a blood clot resulting from the concussion). When it was reported that the former Madame Secretary had suffered a fall Republicans like former one-term Congressman Allan ‘I have higher security clearance than President Obama’ West  was among those who mocked her claiming that she had the Benghazi  flu or implying that she was not actually ill but faking to avoid testifying in front of Congress. Then Secretary Clinton was admitted to the hospital and administered anti-clotting medication after tests revealed that she had a blood clot behind her right ear which was a result of the fall she had sustained earlier.

On Wednesday, January 23, 2013 Madame Secretary Clinton testified before both the House and the Senate Foreign Relation committees.
During her Senate testimony Republican Senator Ron Johnson (what an appropriate name for a dick) who defeated progressive three-term Senator Russ Feingold in 2010 provoked an explosive response from Clinton "what difference does it make?" after he berated her about the cause of the attack. After the clip went viral last week it became clear that Hillary ripped off his shrunken nut sack and tucked it neatly into her purse.
Kentucky U.S. Senator (and possible 2016 Republican presidential candidate) Rand Paul  went even further bluntly stating that he would have fired Secretary Clinton if he had been president. Notably he was also spouting conspiracy theories of the Glen Beck variety dealing with weapons being secretly transported to Turkey. 
Senator Paul, don’t quit your day job.

All of this theater had one goal: take one last shot at Hillary Clinton who is widely favored to win a hypothetical 2016 Democratic primary. The GOP is in chaos and I doubt that they will be able to get themselves together by 2016. It's clear by her performance at the hearings that if she decided to run she still has the political chops to take them on. 

It’s funny and somewhat pathetic that these GOP hit-men masquerading as Congressmen thought that they could rattle Hillary Clinton who has been a fixture in Washington D.C. since her husband was first elected president in 1992. Whitewater nor the Monica Lewinsky scandal was able to bring her down and in actuality the public humiliation that now former Madam Secretary Clinton suffered when it was revealed that Bill did indeed have ‘sex with that woman, Ms. Lewinsky' made her more human and women were able to relate to her situation. She used the sympathy she garnered from Bill’s infidelity to launch her own political career in 2000 winning a U.S. Senate seat from New York even though she's not from the state. Hillary won that contest with 55% of the overall vote, and in 2006 she won re-election with 67% of the vote.

After losing the Democratic primary in 2008, Clinton unequivocally and publicly threw her support behind her rival Barrak Obama and was named Secretary of State. Many at the time wanted her to be on the ticket as Vice President, but now it's clear that the Secretary of State is a more visible and active role in the Obama administration. Her time at the State Department has earned her the respect and admiration of many of her colleagues.  

Hillary Clinton is the ultimate Phoenix. From a spurned spouse to a two-term U.S. Senator, from a loosing presidential candidate to fourth in line from the presidency. She was the most serious female candidate for the White House ever, the most travelled and visible Secretaries of State in American history, and is now the presumed frontrunner for the Presidency in 2016. Yeah Whoppie, the bitch is back, and she’s the baddest bitch there is!