Friday, February 22, 2013

Forest Whitaker: Wrongly Accused Of Shoplifting

When I saw this on TMZ I knew I had to write a post about it. A New York deli employee accused Mr. Whitaker of shoplifting from and then humiliated him by frisking him in a public area. Forest Whitaker says that he was on his way out of the Milano Market on the upper west side when the deli employee stopped him and accused him of theft. Witnesses said the employee proceeded to frisk and pat Mr Whitaker Down. Mr Whitaker says he was angry and baffled about what happened. When the employee realized that first Forest didn't steal anything and second he had no right to frisk anybody especially one of the best actors of our time he apologized  Knowing the employee was afraid of losing his job Forest decided not to press charges.

My opinion on the subject is WHAT THE FUCK was wrong with the deli employee? Why would he think Forest Whitaker would ever steal from a low class deli, I mean really?
Forest is a millionaire he could shut down that deli with a stroke of a pen. No one said it was because of his race, but what other reason makes sense? And to make problems worse now the deli has a bad reputation for the place that frisked Forest Whitaker. If I was the owner of the deli I would have fired the employee on the spot. And why would he go after someone that steals in the first place, isn't that dangerous? Why not follow procedures of your company and call security or the police to handle the situation. Anyway I would understand if he accused Lindsey Lohan for stealing, I mean look at her past and the craziness in the court room. This whole thing just proves that Forest Whitaker is a bigger man by letting the incident slide.

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