Sunday, February 24, 2013

Dear Other Man. (Nothing personal)

Dear Other Man,

Hi. I can imagine that you never thought that I would send you this letter or even contact you. I don't care if you met me already or if you know who I am. But who I am to someone we both know is important to me. I know that you have been seeing, talking, and texting my man for sometime now. I understand that you might have feelings for him and that you want him in your life as much as I want him in mine.

I want you to understand something. The man that your in love with belongs to me. You can't have him to yourself because I have him. Every night I keep him warm. Everyday I make sure he eats even when he isn't hungry. All the love I have for him can't compare to what you have for him. I don't think that you can give the amount of love I have for him.

I don't care what you feel in your heart or how the conversations that you have make you feel about him. Sleeping eyes never wonder and I have good hearing. I know he talks to you every night when I go to sleep. I know the role that you want to play for him, but it's nothing compared to mine. See I am a man. Yes, my man gets on my back and tops me real good. I service him with a smile every time we get hot and heavy. He gets all of me and even more cause I love my man that much and more.

There is nothing classy about going after someone that doesn't belong to you. You're trespassing homie and that's really not a good look for you. I hope no one is filling your head up with the idea that you can win a man over that doesn't belong to you. And let me be clear, I'm not mistaken and I'm not making accusations. I know its you and believe me when I say, if you take this letter the wrong way and come out of a bag on me about my property I'll put you back in that bag, suffocate you with that bag, and bury you somewhere in that bag. And you might be found depending on how tired I am after disposing of you at a remote location.

So, please, just respect my feelings and understand how much I love the man that you want, you're lusting for, you're hungry for, you're thirsty for, you're making yourself look foolish for. I suggest that you try a gay dating application with your android phone, try going to a gay night club, or join a support group for single gay men, or dig up a man from the nearest cemetery and bring him back to life. Just find your own man and leave mine alone. Please....


The man that has the man that you want.

Male Media Mind