Friday, February 8, 2013

Christopher Dorner: Crazy Hot

"Why do the crazy ones have to be so hot?"

I usually don't do posta this fast, but this news story blew up today and I needed to write about it quickly. I found a link to it on Facebook and shared it on my timeline. I instantly got messages of support and interest. Then I went to the gym and saw it playing on the TV. I had a lot of responses on my Facebook page when I got back and I promised I'd post a picture of him shirtless. After all he is super hot. The story is still unfolding so I'm sure by the mooring we'll know more I just wanted to make a video, rant a little, and I post a link to his manifesto on Huff Post He makes a lot of claims in his letter that (I don't see the point in calling it a manifesto) that only time and the press will be able to verify.

I read it and I admit the guy doesn't seem that crazy on the surface.
That's a little more disturbing to me that as you keep reading you start to see how violence seems rather ordinary to him. If he came off as nuts it would make sense considering what he's doing. It still doesn't explain the actions he's taking, but it pretty much confirms that he's guilty of what he's being accused of on the news. So it does strike me a little odd that people have shown support for him even sympathy. It seems at least in his mind he has a cause. Racism seem to be very important to him. He seems to think if someone calls you a nigger you have the right to kill them. It's a little chilling because I can imagine a few people I knew who might agree with that even if they would never do it themselves. I think the context his manifesto brings is insightful even though I don't want to promote the words and cause of a killer.

Crazy doesn't always sound crazy, but I think our readers are smart enough not to buy into this man delusions. Even if he being hot makes it easier for people to sympathize with him clear minds should prevail. What does disturb me a little is the fact that people will try to make this political. I've already seen people say that he's Obama supporter and a supporter of gun control. Both of which are true. Even though he doesn't mention Obama by name in the manifesto it's pretty clear that would be a supporter. Of course the point to would be So what? Crazy comes in all flavors people including the left wing variety.

Part of the instant interest in the story clearly is because of how attractive he is. I know it's necessary to show his picture in order to catch him, but the media has to be liking it when you show his picture. They get more clicks and viewers because of it, but why can't they at least acknowledge it?. Will his words spark a conversation about a race? I think that is actually possible. I hate that it would start this way, but disturbing people have a way of making you think about things you'd rather not think about. One of those has to be how people overreact to being called a nigger. I mean it's just a word people. This man just a year older than me. He didn't live through the civil rights struggle and yet it bothers him like it's a wound from Jim Crow.

Part of me think he's not crazy but rather very sensitive to racial hatred. He might be right about the LAPD being completely racist and having to hear them call people nigger and just seeing their attitude to people of color drove him over the edge. What gets me a little disturbed is how many people I know who agree with that. I don't think many of my friends would go on a killing rampage, but they would feel the same sore of rage inside. I just have to ask why? Why do these people make you so angry?

This story probably doesn't end well. I'm sure more people are going to die before he is caught or killed. I don't know if it makes any sense to sit on this story just because it's an ongoing tragedy. I certainly think the guy is hot, but I have no sympathy for him at all. That might change as I learn more about him and his life, but right now the most salient point is that he's killed three people. It doesn't matter if his cause is just I have no sympathy for people who kill in cold blood.

I want to talk about this and to get people's input not in any way to promote him, but just to get an idea of where my friends heads are at. We'll all learn a lot more as time goes on but it shouldn't stop us from expressing our opinons now based on the limited information we have.

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