Monday, February 11, 2013

Chris Cormier: The Real Deal

James came to me with a layout of Chris Cormier. He knows me very well. It ptompted me to write a little about my obsession with bodybuilders.  I go to the gym regularly, but I can't say that I'm a bodybuilding fan. I don't follow the contests or track the standings in the sport. I'm much more a fan or bodybuilders. I used to buy the magazines as a kid before I could get my hands on porn. It was 1994 the internet existed, but it wasn't streaming video and pictures took forever to download. I was horny and just started to jack off when I ran across my first muscle magazine. I was instantly hooked.

Now I can see all kinds of men doing all kinds of things to each other. I don't need to substitute bodybuilders for porn, but I still can enjoy looking at them. Now that there's video I'm being spoiled. I never got to learn their personalities or hear their voices. Back then I could buy their video tapes, but they were expensive. Now they're free and a glut of them. I've been quite selective in what I view. When I was a kid using the bodybuilder's images to create a fantasy was taxing on the imagination. None of the pictures in the magazines were designed to be explicitly sexual, but in my imagination they were super men who threw me around and had their way with me. In my mind that porn was better than anything ever produced.

Chris Cormier was among my favorite to fantasize about. Now that I've heard his voice my fantasies of him are reviving. He's a hulk for sure, but he's like the most regular guy when he talk.  I am even more attracted to him now. He's so masculine, not hyper masculine or mocho, but like a real dude. Of course he is real. You can see him talking to his friends and paying his bills. These videos are like reality shows for super heros. Watch the hulk negotiate his contract or get a message. I can see clearly in the videos that he's working with something serious in his pants. You couldn't see it that well in the magazines because they'd decline to use those photos, but in video you'll notice that I focus on the scenes the magazines would have cut out. I'm not familiar with a lot of his competition but to this point I have to say he's got the biggest bulge in bodybuilding.

Funny thing is after having the opportunity to be with a bodybuilder I have to admit I don't like the feel of all the muscle these guys have. It's very hard. I like a guy to be a little plump and hairy. Most of these guys stay groomed smooth. It's not something I'd want in a sexual partner, but I still like looking at it. It's still exceptional and freaky like they're super heros but real. People shouldn't look like this, real people don't look like this, but incredibly they do. At least some extraordinary people do. That's what I like about it. It still amazes me to see bodies that are better suited in comic books than magazines.

Chris Cormier Bio

Official Site:
Full Name: Broderick Christopher Cormier
Nick Name: The Real Deal
Date of Birth: August 19, 1967
Place of Birth: Palm Springs, California
Residence: Las Vegas, Nevada
Occupation: IFBB professional bodybuilder
Height: 5'10"
Off-Season Weight: 285 lbs.
Contest Weight: 252 lbs.
Chest (contest): 52"
Arms (contest): 22"
Waist (contest): 32"
Bench Press (1 rep max.):550 lbs.
Squat: 675 lbs. x 2 reps
Bodybuilding Goals: “To win the ‘Triple Crown’ – Mr. Olympia, the Arnold Classic, and the GNC show!”

Biggest Influences: “Of course, my family is my inspiration more than anything. I take my family very seriously, perhaps more seriously than other people. I'm not just a person who heads out to the clubs every chance he gets. It's totally the opposite for me. When I can spend time with my family, I do.”

Words of Wisdom: “Follow your dreams, keep the sport fun, and don't get too down on yourself if you don't win every show. Have a good time and you'll be in the sport a lot longer than someone who is really let down when they don't win. It takes time to build a championship physique, so stay consistent with your diet. Keep your protein intake high and you'll make gains and have fun with the sport. Also, remember to take your CELL-TECH and NITRO-TECH.”

Something interesting that few people know about you: “I was going to compete in my first bodybuilding competition when I was 15, but I chickened out because I was very shy! That's something people don't really realize about me: I'm very shy! When I'm up there onstage, I just try to fake it and pretend that I'm not shy. But bodybuilding has really helped me with my self-confidence in everyday life. Also, I started college at a young age [16]. I was a lot younger than my comrades were. I think that has a lot to do with my tenacity and mental toughness today. It's in my psyche.”

More pics can b efound at  The Chris Cormier Gallery

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