Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Brutal Lynx: Bears In Online Media

I have noticed for awhile now that there are not many bear media personalities out there, at least with their clothes on that is. Not that there's anything wrong with naked bears, but a bear that catches my interest with his ideas and personality is rare. So one day I decided to fix that and search YouTube to see if I could find a good bear channel I can relate to. After going through many crazy, silly, and down right stupid videos. Then I came across a light at the end of the tunnel.

The YouTube Channel I'm talking about is Lynx Bear. After watching the first video I was instantly hooked. His personality and his funny commentary about life, news, and media, it's a refreshing twist to a video blog. His channel is a must subscribe.

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Name: Lynx Bear
Age: 3?
Location: Massachusetts
Sex: Male
Orientation: Gay (more on that later)


Lynx is currently a Lead Tech at a University left unnamed for obvious reasons. Lynx is not a Massachusetts Native. Far from it in fact, Lynx moved to Massachusetts 5 years ago as a transplant from NYC!

In NYC he worked as a Multimedia Professional and web guru. Then his 10 year long relationship fell apart. Instead of running home to mom he opted to go the complete opposite direction. So he pulled up his stockings, threw on a cape and flung his bear ass to Massachusetts.

Lynx hopes to bring his experience in life, experience as an outsider in MA, vast knowledge on all things fuckery into your lives and hopefully a lot of laughter.

An avid member of the Bear Community you will get to follow his journey, hear his thoughts and get a good chuckle at a Brown Bear’s Experience.

Both a walking stereotype and an anti-stereotype Lynx has a broad personality that ranges from a gossipy queen to a butch automotive geek. You will get a wide range of information on subjects on everything from Blow Jobs to Car Upgrades to Celebrity Gossip to Life.

Male Media Mind