Monday, January 28, 2013

Two Weeks of M3

Two weeks ago we officially launched the blog. We didn't know what to expect but the process has been a great experience. I feel like I'm really connecting with people on a deeper level. We've collected the voices of black gay bears and placed them front and center when we decide what to post to our blog.

Having more than one perspective gives new insights into the world. Things that would take me hours to figure out James comes up with two minutes. I found myself dealing with a lot more technical issues than I expected, but now that I'm using the blog I'm doing a lot more writing and editing and less focused on the publishing method.

The blog is centered around a simple idea.

Let's not be ashamed about what we like.

I like to watch animated shows like The Avengers and I'm sure a lot of people would consider that kids show, but I love superheros. I know too many people who would enjoy the show if they weren't embarrassed or really can't enjoy it because of what other people think. I know guys who are into big dude but won't tell his friends because he's not supposed to like bigger guy according to his friends. We're going to talk about what we like and we want your feedback.

Our contributors have a rage a viewpoints yet we're all thick gay men of color

I love talking politics with the Muscle pundit. I consider him even a close friend even though we've never met in person. The blog has it's flavor of political news and view shaped by our discussions about politics. I really respect his opinion even when I believe he's wrong and he knows that. We're not trying to dictate what you should think. We're offing the voice of an intelligent black man of size to our readers to let them know while we love entertainment we also want to be informed.

We made a couple of video that can be found on our YouTube Channel 

Male Media Mind