Saturday, January 19, 2013

To Those Who Wait

I'm the kinda guy that likes to fuck Sunday night so I can be ready for Monday morning. Unfortunately I couldn't. For the past two nights our friends came over and hung out with us. My week was going to be hard. The day was really slow at the office. Around nine I was trying to fight off sleep. I had the church nod going on in full force. Thank God none of my coworkers noticed me. If they did I would hav been teased. As the day went on I started thinking about my baby back home. Monday night our friends stayed over and we had drinks. Cool. One left the other stayed. So Monday turned into Tuesday and I already knew that my hot ass wasn't going to get punished. Pissed I decided to just go to bed. I woke up feeling sad and angry. I guess you could say I had the irritable man syndrome. We all have it sometime or another fellas. I mean we all do.

I went to work Wednesday still wearing the cockring I had on the night before thinking that I was going to get punished like the nasty horny boy I am. Yeah it hurt a little but I was like forget it. I liked the way it make me feel when I had hard-on's thinking about my dudes ass.Thinking about the sounds he makes when I put my face in his fat butt only made my dick harder. I wanted to tongue fuck his hot hairy hole. As the day wound down I began touching my stiffy at my desk. My Boss-lady asked us did anyone want to go home. And I was reluctant but I just hate being at work. There isn't any work to do anyway. 

So I cleared my desk and said goodbye to my colleagues. Since it was lunch time when I left I got a pack of Newports and some Subway. I am really not a patient person and I should work on that because it's not healthy. We Scorpios get angry at the drop of a hat at sometimes. Like why the fuck this dumb bitch in front of me don't know what the hell she want on her sandwich? I had myself a smoke before I got on the train. Didnt want to eat my sandwich in public cause I want to devour it in privacy. 

I really want to kiss my baby and wrap arms around him. It feels so good to be in love with someone that you can talk about anything. I can always talk about my feelings and there isnt an argument. As I rode the train I thought about what the hell could I do for him on Valentines day and his birthday. I want to do something special for my man cause I love him so much. Finally at the station I can get on the bus and ride ten minutes to the house and take a fucking whiz. I have enough patience to hold my urine but not enough to put a order in for sandwich. I looked at my phone as the bus pulled off from the station. Played some tunes to kill the time it takes to get home. After three songs I was ready to pull the string and get off the bus. Made my way home singing Matrimony by Maxwell. 

Finally got home. My boo was sitting on the floor watching TV in his undies and wife beater. I stripped down to my dress socks, undies, and wifebeater. Had a whiz like I was pissing out my soul. Feels good to be a man! I gave my baby the cookies he asked for from Subway. While munching on the cookies I noticed his dick was hard. He stood up. I was wondering what was his next move. He looked me in the face and sat eagle spread in my lap kissing and caressing my face. I grabbed two hand fulls of his butt and kissed him back. His grind on me was so smooth that we were bumping are cocks together while we had on our underwear.  

We took off each other shirts and went back to the passion of locking lips. We were neck biting like we was some vampires on True Blood. My baby stood up and said "you hungry or horny." I said I want both and he says "cake will be served in the bedroom." When it's wet and gloomy outside it couldn't be more joyful to be at home with my lover. And he's hot and ready for me. He laid back with his legs spread wide and that smile of his on his face only made me harder. As I laid between his legs I kissed and sucked his lips. Passionately, I kissed his neck and nibbled at his ears. I licked and nibbled at his nipples while simulteaneously rubbing his thighs. I kissed and licked my way down to his thighs and and started biting them. He began to moan and he gently rubbed the back of my head. Licking his balls from under his sack and to the tip of his excited dick he began to push my head down to go deep. I slowly placed all of him in my throat. 

I commenced to slowly orally massage him like the lover that I am. He was calling me "baby" and telling me "You the only man I want baby just you." Hearing him say this made me feel like a hungry dog. So I pushed his legs back and went to his hot hole. I stuck my tongue slowly inside and let my face rest at his inner cheeks while I worked my tongue inside of him. Looking back at his face while he stared back at me, the gaze was passionate and I knew he was satisfied. My dick jumping off and on so much. Precumming profusely, I knew I just had to slide inside his hot ass. 

As he assumed the position on his back I felt myself getting excited looking at him spreaded and waiting for me to put myself inside him. His walls resisted at first but I still managed to get through them without much force. I went deep. Slowly stroking him I could tell by the look on his face it was a combination of pleasure and pain. I stroked him more and more until he wanted to switch positions. On his knees he was waiting to be punished. I grab his ankles began pounding his ass faster and faster untill he began throwing back his ass to me. I wanted to look him in the face while I stroked him. I turned him over on his back again and he was such a beautiful sight to behold. 

All this man laying in front of me holding his legs telling me to give him my dick. and looking down at his wet swollen hole I slammed myself inside him again and again. Sweat dripped from my forehead into my eyes. Didn't stop me from giving my baby his dick. When he begged me to go faster I could tell he wa ready to spray his load. I jumped in the bed to commence sucking his cock like my life depended on it. I made myself gag on his hard penis. I wanted him, all of him. He was begging me to stop cause he was at that point I didnt want to. I wanted to see his toes curl. I made his left legs shake as if he was having a seizure. I could tell he was comeing close to climaxing as he started to pant "Oh baby ooh oh" "Baby im finna cum." I still kept going, I stil want to keep going. Swalloed all of him up and his kids. He laid there out of breath and sweaty, Letting him catch his breath I craddled him in my arms and told him I loved him so much.

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