Thursday, January 17, 2013

Shad Gaspard and Brett Ratner’s Youngblood

Former WWE superstar, Shad Gaspard got an audition to play Chapel in Brett Ratner’s upcoming superhero movie, “Youngblood” via Twitter. It’s still an if, more than a when, but Brett Ratner is planning to bring Rob Liefield’s Youngblood to the silver screen. Since the beginning of 2009 when Brett Ratner first signed on to direct the comic book adaptation not much official progress has been made.  Ratner confirmed that the Rush Hour series is done, as well as his involvement with the X-Men franchise, but said he'd love another opportunity to helm a superhero franchise. Youngblood very well could be that opportunity, especially now that its legal issues are at an end and they can continue working on the script.

“There were some rights issues. We actually waited for over a year for the rights to these comic books that were made by independent comic books. There was a lot of owners of these comic books and a lot of people were claiming they had the rights. It’s taken a long time but I think we’ve finally cleared the legal part of it.”

The scene played out on Twitter, an exchange between Ratner and Gaspard.

@Shadbeast: LOL I guess a lot of you agree i should hit up @BrettRatner and show him to see if i could play Chapel.

@Shadbeast: i doubt @BrettRatner would respond guy’s but i’ll try :-)

@BrettRatner: I’m here what’s up?

@BrettRatner: I will get you an audition when Youngblood is ready!

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