Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Fazion Love Nude Scene: Who's Your Caddy?

I know I'm posting about a old 2007 movie. But sometimes the oldest movies has the best scene content and believe me this is a scene to remember, but the movie as a whole was okay with it's off the wall comedy, stunts and big named stars like James Avery from Fresh Prince Of Bell-Air, Bruce Bruce a major comedian and even Lil Wayne Made a small appearance in the movie just to name a few stars. But what really made the movie a hit to me was Fazion Love (As Big Large), Chase Tatum (As Kidd Clean) and Finesse Mitchell (As Dread) When they deiced to show it all in the golf clubs bathroom, seeing Faizon Love dancing fully nude was hot and hilarious. and to add more hotness to Faizon Love, the cast says on the DVD extras Mr. Love didn't want to where the sock to cover his junk. it hard to find big chubby actors to show there body's to the fullest and don't care what people think. 

If you want to know more about the movie Who's Your Caddy?, the cast, or where to buy the movies go to IMDB for all your movie needs 

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