Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Can you say Senator Herman Cain without laughing?

Yeah I know what you’re thinking. I must have completely lost my mind even suggesting that former Republican Presidential contender Herman Cain could become the next Republican U.S. Senator from Georgia, but it’s possible. On Friday, January 27, 2013  when I read that current Georgia U.S. Senator Saxby Chambliss said he won’t run for re-election in 2014 my first thought was why not Herman?
Mr. Cain is no stranger to Georgia state politics. He ran in the 2004 Republican primary for U.S. Senate in Georgia and garnered 26.2% of the vote which placed him second in a three man race On May 11, 2011 Mr. Cain officially announced that he would run for the Republican nomination for President. Herman Cain’s popularity surged thanks to his grassroots support from the Tea Party. At the height of his electoral popularity Herman Cain was the leading the Republican primary field.

Then tragedy struck or should I say politics happened as usual. The media was fed a story, more than likely by the Romney campaign, that Cain had been accused of sexual harassment by two unidentified women when he was CEO of the Restaurant Association during the late 1990’s. It seems that Mr. Cain thought he had overcome and decided to avail himself to a blonde Becky or two.  Oh well!
Not to be ignored a third woman Ginger White (porn star name alert) came forward to announce that she had been engaged in a sporadic sexual relationship which lasted thirteen years and involved Cain helping her pay her bills.

Comically, Mr. Cain quoted Pokemon extensively when he suspended his campaign on December 3, 2011.
We know that infidelity is usually a killer for a political candidate but it seems that Mr. Cain may have a couple things working in his favor. it seems as if the GOP is adopting the Tokens R Us strategy when it comes to adopting diversity to attract voters from the broad based coalition which swept President Obama. Former South Carolina U.S. Congressman Tim Scott who is African American was appointed to complete the term of former U.S. Sen. Jim Demint. Mr. Scott will have to defend his seat in 2014. Running for Tim Scott’s vacated Congress seat is disgraced former South Carolina governor Mark Sanford who considered a presidential contender before he went AWOL to pursue his affair with an Argentine reporter to whom he is currently engaged.
Tea Party candidate Nikki Haley survived accusations of infidelity from a fellow Republican in 2010 and joked that she would confirm or deny the allegations after she was elected governor of South Carolina.
Will Mr. Scott have some black company in the U.S. Senate?  Or does the Republican Party feel as if one ethnic token in the Senate is enough? Will we hear more about Mr. Cain’s 9-9-9 economic policy? Will Mr. Cain finally learn the name of the  president of uzbeki  beki-beki-stan?

Update: I have sad news to report. A few hours after Chambliss announced that he would not seek re-election Herman Cain announced that he would not seek the nomination for the open U.S. Senate seat. Maybe there are more affairs in the closet or maybe Cain’s wife Gloria agreed not to surprise him with a pot of hot grits.  Still we miss you Herman. No one in recent politics has been a bigger jackass than you. And as serious as the issues are we can all use a good laugh.